'Diabolical Party' Joker Game

'Diabolical Party' Joker Game

The Joker Diabolical Party Game is the addicting board game that any fan of the Batman universe and its colorful characters will love! You're one of 9 Super-Villains attempting to corrupt and control Gotham City. You'll need to stay under the radar if you want to survive until the end! Will you be the last Super-Villain standing or will The Joker come out on top?

A DIABOLICAL PARTY GAME: Gotham City's most heinous Super-Villains are each determined to rule the metropolis. But The Joker sends Gotham City further and further into anarchy with each passing round!

GAME OF STRATEGY AND LUCK: You're secretly a Super-Villain, filling character wallets with Corruption Cards. Players can eliminate wallets, sending the caught Super-Villain to Arkham Asylum.

NEVER THE SAME GAME TWICE: The Joker gameplay is constantly random as it's guided by a turn of the cards and The Joker's changing game rules with every new round.

QUICK START, FUN AND ENGAGING: Take out the game components, read through the instructions and you're on your way to Gotham City domination! For 3-6 players, ages 12 and up text

Includes: 10 Large Gotham City Cards, 9 Character Wallets, 54 Character Cards (6 sets of 9), 9 Secret Identity Cards, 50 Corruption Cards, 15 The Joker Cards, 15 Batman Cards, 1 Punch Sheet